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  • Йога City services  18 14.4.1
  • The Inclusive City – Infrastructure and Public Services for the Urban Poor in Asia

    The Inclusive City – Infrastructure and Public Services for the Urban Poor in Asia

    3722 RUB
    The Inclusive City – Infrastructure and Public Services for the Urban Poor in Asia
  • Ламинат IMPERIAL CITY Дуб Мореный 1217х197х8 мм класс 34 (307)
  • Financing city services in Zimbabwe

    Financing city services in Zimbabwe

    4631 RUB
    The debate on whether or not city governments in Zimbabwe enjoy adequate fiscal autonomy has been a hotly contested issue since independence but especially in 2012 with the constitutionalisation of local government. The debate has extended to questions of whether city governments enjoy adequate fiscal powers to produce sustainable services. The book analyses key issues at the centre of the financing of city services, namely, revenue, expenditure, borrowing and intergovernmental financial transfers. The Chapters in the book are organised as follows: Chapter Two discusses the nature and meaning of fiscal decentralisation.Chapter Three discusses the status of revenue, expenditure, borrowing and intergovernmental financial transfers from a historical perspective. Chapter Four assesses the fiscal autonomy enjoyed by the city governments. Chapter Five summarises major findings and gives recommendations. The book is an invaluable contribution to literature on financing of city services and relevant for scholars and practitioners in the fields of urban planning and development, local government, decentralisation and federalism. The lessons it provides resonate beyond its case study.
  • Planning for Amenities

    Planning for Amenities

    3393 RUB
    Adequate municipal services are the prime need of city dwellers. Without adequate supply of municipal services lives become unbearable and unhealthy to the urban people. The increased density of population in our cities created a growing need for better utility service facilities. This case is same for Khulna City also. With the growth of population in Khulna Metropolis, the importance of utility facilities is becoming more acute. Some people of planned areas of Khulna city are getting municipals services adequately but most of the people of unplanned areas are not getting necessary municipal services especially water supply, drainage facilities, solid waste management and street lighting facilities. Banarganti of Khulna city is an unplanned area. It is grown up haphazardly and spontaneously. So, it is high time for planning and providing necessary utility service facilities on scientific footing. The present study aims to investigate the existing situation of utility services and providing better utility services in Banarganti area of Khulna city.
  • Eco-Services For Urban Sustainability

    Eco-Services For Urban Sustainability

    8496 RUB
    Jieqiong Wang's research considered the provision of eco-services in the urban development process, demonstrating that ecological degradation in the Yangtze River Delta of China results from environmentally insensitive planning and design. This book investigated the case of Lingang New City, correlating planning and design processes with formal outcomes using a GIS-based Eco-service Evaluation Model to clarifying the ways in which the planning system facilitates and impedes eco-services delivery.


    4631 RUB
    Presently, Infrastructure management becomes the top priority of each government body to provide the best quality life to its citizens. However, due to lack of resources and rapid population growth, a big share of its citizens are deprived from their basic services. The most common services that are expected to provide from the government bodies includes education, utilities, recreational facilities, community services etc. Due to unplanned distribution of its resources, some regions are overly served whereas other regions have no accessibility to those services. Hence, it is utmost importance to formulate the policy to have equivalent access to each facility or service in terms of travel time or distance, travel cost, comfort etc. As a case study, Rajshahi City Corporation Area has been considered to analyze the performance of its public services using geospatial data and the policy and recommendations have been drawn.
  • Ecosystem Services - the Environmental and Human Relations

    Ecosystem Services - the Environmental and Human Relations

    3393 RUB
    In environmental management it is important to limit environmental costs and ensure proper ecosystem functioning. The issue is important in areas undergoing urbanization. The goal of this paper is to study if legal protection of nature (meaning landscape parks) near the city of Wroclaw (Poland, the Lower Silesia) has an effect on the spatial policy formulated in every commune using the ecosystem services theory. The study involves an analysis of planning documents delineating the spatial policy of communes, with regard to the established ecosystem services, as well as a statistical analysis of the results. Indicative analyses have been used to evaluate the magnitude of the services.
  • Role of protection of basic services in enhancing decentralization

    Role of protection of basic services in enhancing decentralization

    4550 RUB
    In this book awareness on the importance of protection of basic services and allocation of funds in the context of Bishoftu city administration Oromia regional state Ethiopia was elucidated. However, the public at the grass root level and the end user are not informed transparently to request the services and contribute their due shares. Though, the number of education and health services infrastructures have shown dramatic increment in the city, the health services client respondents and the focus group discussion teams claim that it is not in pace with the number of students enrollment and health service seekers, in terms of quality and accessibility. As the notion of public service delivery is comprehensive, this study prioritized its scope to education and health sectors by the guidance of certain principles developed by UN General Assembly (2011:49) such as participation, rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness & efficiency, accountability and strategic vision and was applied according to the perspective of the study area.
  • Urban Sprawl and Access to Public Transport Services

    Urban Sprawl and Access to Public Transport Services

    4716 RUB
    Urban sprawl in this study has been considered as an expansion of the city which occurs laterally rather than vertically. The spatial expansion of Dar es Salaam city outside of the Central Business District (CBD) has greater impacts on access to public transport services and traffic congestion. The study focuses on the impact of urban sprawl on access to public transport services as the main objective.Whereby,the study intends to examine factors influencing urban sprawl, impact of urban sprawl on access to public transport services, and the intervention measures for urban sprawl as specific objectives. Political ecology approach was used to guide the study, and Kinondoni municipality in Dar es Salaam city was selected as a case study area.Survey questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, observation, photographing and focus group discussion were used for data collection.
  • Ecological Services Of Green Spaces

    Ecological Services Of Green Spaces

    4631 RUB
    This book highlights the importance of the urban green space, is often mentioned in planning, However, in many important city for the provision of urban green space is usually limited to the smallest area or population of provisions of the proportion of green area. And the urban green space has offered recreation, maintained other functions such as ecological species variety besides beautification of landscape, the green land of city offers importance space of urban environments and activity. The study was carried out in Ramakrishna mission, to understand the Ecological services streaming to Carbon Sequestration potential, Air Quality, Water Quality, Soil Quality, and Avian Diversity. The Ecological services of green development in the urban areas, includes attraction of bird diversity towards the green space as they provide food and shelter. The book also emphasizes on solution, to solve some of the urban problems like air pollution, flooding, soil erosion, urban heat island, water scarcity, decreased urban bio diversity etc, it is very much necessary to have Green spaces in the urban areas.
  • Library and Information Services

    Library and Information Services

    3393 RUB
    Library and information services are vital for quality education. An institute operating these services in an effective manner is most likely to be providing quality education. This book provides comprehensive information about the schools in an industrial city of the Uttarakhand State of India. Intensive industrialization of an area invites rapid increase in population and, consequently, in the number of schools and colleges and also phenomenally affects the education. As an industrial area tends to harbour a rich class, nature of schools also tends to make a shift towards higher incomes from the neo-rich class in an industrial area. These schools also make big claims of imparting best education to allure rich parents. But how much effort do the schools make to strengthen their library and information services, which have direct bearing on the quality of education, remains to be understood. This book attempts to portray the status of the library and information services being operated in a prominent industrial city of India. The unique information assimilated and analyzed in the book is likely to be of critical significance for phenomenal improvement in school education.
  • Spatial Dynamics of Producer Services-Ankara Case

    Spatial Dynamics of Producer Services-Ankara Case

    7466 RUB
    In the last three decades, each urban function can locate to any zones of a city due to communication technology-based connections, in a so called deterritorialization. These new sprawl-based locations can be seen in the CBDs of cities, especially by producer service functions. This thesis will investigate the validity of deterritorialization-based post-modern theoretical studies concerning recent transformation of CBDs based solely on the Western city, with reference to the distribution of such activities in Ankara and its CBD structure. Producer services can be used to test the space relations of urban functions due to their complexity and more flexible connection capacities. For this purpose, first the concepts and the fields of concepts that are based on CBDs and producer services are examined. Thereafter, these frameworks are tested in a comprehensive evaluation. The relations between urban space and the locational preferences of producer services in Ankara are assessed to illustrate the reterritorialization-based movements. Finally, the implications and contributions of the study and also suggestions for possible further studies are presented as concluding remarks.
  • Municipal Waste Management In Guwahati City

    Municipal Waste Management In Guwahati City

    3393 RUB
    Guwahati City is facing a serious threat from the growing generation of municipal waste. The performance of municipal waste collection and disposal system in the city has been observed to be very poor. After introduction of Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) programme, the waste scenario is found to be more miserable. In a few places of Guwahati city, some local private bodies provided services of waste collection and disposal in their respective localities in terms of monthly payment before the ISWM programme. But advent of ISWM has created confusion among the beneficiaries regarding the efficiency of services and monthly payment procedure. A study has been made to find out the Willingness to Pay (WTP) of the people of Guwahati city for local private service for waste collection and disposal purposes along with the studies on municipal waste management of the city. A comparative study has also been conducted to find out the preference of the people for both the ISWM.
  • The Failure of Public Private Partnerships in Water Delivery Services

    The Failure of Public Private Partnerships in Water Delivery Services

    4468 RUB
    Water is an important public good which every individual in a community has the right to access. About 25 to 30 percent of the urban population in Latin America, Africa and Middle East lack access to water services. More than 48% of Dar es salaam population they lack access to water services. The government decides to enter into lease contract of 10 years with the Bi-water, a British private company to address water shortage in Dar es Salaam city but the contract was terminated after two years. The study aimed at exploring the factors that led to the failure of the institutional arrangement of PPP in water delivery services in Dar es Salaam City. The findings indicate that the main reasons for the contract termination were the failure to install the required number of meters, failure to follow procurement procedures as required by the procurement act, failure to pay the required level of equity contribution and failure to replace performance guarantee as required by Article 47.1 of lease contract.
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